New €2,500 Business Continuity Vouchers Now Available

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I want to draw your attention to new Government instructions and two new support schemes that may be of interest to your business in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.


As you will be aware, the Government has instructed that anyone not engaged in the provision of essential services will not be permitted to travel to/from work until Sunday 12th April, effective from 6pm this evening (Monday). New guidance has been issued for employers as to what constitutes an essential service where workers cannot work from home and have no option but to travel to work. The list of Essential Service Providers can be found here, while the updated List of Essential Retail Outlets may also be relevant to your business.


The National Standards Authority of Ireland has also published a useful Covid-19 Workplace Protection and Improvement Guide, which includes practical guidance on how to manage business continuity during the pandemic. Advice covered in the guide includes how to protect against, prepare for, and recover from coronavirus-related disruptions when they arise.


There are also two new supports available in addition to the Government’s Income Support Scheme:


  • If your business employs no more than 50 people, or if you are a sole trader, you may now apply for a Business Continuity Voucher. This voucher covers up to €2,500 in consultancy costs and is intended to help firms develop short and long-term strategies in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Successful applicants will be provided with a qualified expert by their Local Enterprise Office. To apply or learn more, click here.
  • The €200 million Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland Working Capital Scheme for eligible businesses impacted by Covid-19 is now open. Loans of up to €1.5 million are being made available at reduced rates, with up to the first €500,000 unsecured. Read here for more information.


We will continue to update you as the situation develops this week. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our Covid-19 Information Zone for links to important information from trustworthy sources. If you wish to contact us, please don’t hesitate to email


Best wishes,


Mary Rose Burke

CEO | Dublin Chamber