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Joining us on Monday morning (6th July) at 10am for our Monday Wellness Webinar will be executive head chef at Jacob's on the Mall and weight loss expert Trisha Lewis

Trisha began documenting her weight loss journey online when she was 26 stone and has lost 8 stone since.


She used social media to show people the real side of weight loss; the highs, the lows and everything in between. She wanted to document not only her transformation, but the fun that can be had when losing weight.


Changing her lifestyle has not only transformed her physically but internally too. Trisha hopes to inspire others to do the same 


On the morning she will discuss how her physical and mental health deteriorated and how difficult it was for her as a young woman. She will share with us the process - her how and why. 


Trisha hopes to inspire people, make them smile and help people understand that you are never too far gone for a change. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

Attendees will get the opportunity to put questions to Trisha - please send these in advance to rob@dublinchamber.ie.


What are Dublin Chamber's Monday Wellness Webinars all about?


Hosted by Dublin Chamber’s Rob Cullen, our Monday Wellness Webinars will offer you real and practical advice. Each week we speak to leading business people and wellness experts about issues such as health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance and everything in between.  


Rob will speak to people who seem to be doing it all. But what are their secrets? How do they switch off outside work? How does their company promote wellness? And, perhaps just as importantly, what are the things they don’t do? We’ll cover all these areas… and much more.

The webinar will last for around 40 minutes.