Brexit Update from Chambers Ireland

On 19 July, the European Commission published a Communication advising Member States/businesses to step up preparations in advance of the UK’s departure form the EU in March 2019. The notice provides advice on how to manage a transition (if agreed as part of a Withdrawal Agreement) and indeed what steps to take to prepare for the possibility that a Withdrawal Agreement would not be in place. 

What Happens Next? Preparing for Brexit [Read more]
Looking ahead, the next few months will be crucial if negotiating teams are to reach agreement on the Withdrawal to enable a transition to be in place following March 2019.Ngeotiatiosn are taking place in Brussels this week and will continue to do so right up to the next EU Council meeting in October where the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement will have to be in place so that it can be ratified ahead of the March 2019 deadline.
The publication of the UK White Paper last week is welcome progress, but given the short amount of time remaining between now and the October deadline, we thing it is important that you reiterate to your members the need to “Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst”. Government and State Agencies have made available a wide range of resources to help businesses prepare for Brexit. We encourage your Chamber to promote the resources to your members, including the Brexit Loan Scheme.
Think Global
In the meantime, the EU continues to finalise new trade deals, namely those with Mexico and Japan, both of which have opportunities for Irish business. Innovating and internationalising must be part of how Irish businesses prepares for Brexit. The following links have more information.
We Want to Hear From You
Please engage with the team in Chambers Ireland and give us any feedback you are hearing from your members regarding available supports, including suggestions for additional supports. We would also like feedback on what specific investments or infrastructure supports your region needs to get ready for Brexit, specially relating to ports/road/airports etc. We will then raise these matters through the appropriate channels on your behalf.
If you or your members have any questions about the above or about Brexit generally, please contact me directly.
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