Access2Markets Portal Assisting Firms Trading Overseas

Please find the Access2Markets training kit to support you in your own training sessions - - link valid until 23.12.2020


The training kit includes the following:


  • Hands-on exercises: you’ll find the two hands-on exercises that were done during the workshop as well as some additional exercises. All of these exercises can be used as part of your own training sessions.
  • PowerPoint presentation: the PowerPoint presentation which accompanied the workshop.
  • Presentation video 1: the first presentation which features detailed explanations about My Trade Assistant and the ROSA tool on the portal.
  • Presentation video 2: the second presentation which looks at the goods, services, markets and statistics sections of the portal.
  • Access2Markets leaflet: this leaflet provides a summary of the main features of the Access2Markets portal.
  • Access2Markets buttonswe would be very grateful for your support with placing the buttons on your website, in your organisation’s newsletters, blogs etc. You’ll also find a quick and easy guide in the kit on how to add a link to the Access2Markets portal in a button (PNG, JPEG file format):