Retail Project thanks Sayers Studio

As part of the Retail Project, we worked with a number of retailers, from whom we gathered their input and invaluable feedback to create the Retail Project Learning Platform.


We would like to thank, Hannah Sayers from Sayers Studio


Hannah Sayers is a semi-abstract artist based in Co. Wicklow. She is a graduate of the National College of Art & Design. Hannah concentrates mainly on the flora and fauna of Ireland and gets a lot of her inspiration from her hometown on the Dingle peninsula in Co. Kerry.

Hannah works with a variety of mixed media. She loves playing and exploring different mediums on vibrant abstract backgrounds which she creates based on memories of landscapes at home. Hannah says what she loves about painting is the freedom she feels when she starts to apply colours and layers onto a blank canvas, getting sucked into a world of colour and creativity where time seems to standstill.


Sayers Studio is also available for private commission works. 

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