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GOAL Corporate Cycle Invitation

Leading figures from Irish businesses are coming together this September to support GOAL's work with the world's most vulnerable communities. Challenge friends and colleagues this Friday September 30th and help raise life-saving funds for families in need.


When: 11am, Friday 30th September 2022

Where: The National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Cost: €1500 per team of 5 or €300 per individual

Flogas Launches Market-Highest 20c per kWh Offer for Unused Electricity

The new SolarGen promotion from Flogas is now paying the highest rate on the market, 20c per kWh for unused electricity generated by homeowners, businesses and farms using solar panels. The 20c per kWh rate is guaranteed until March 2023.


Under the Government’s Microgeneration Support Scheme, eligible homeowners using renewable energy like solar panels can sell surplus solar electricity back to their supplier. The same applies to farmers, business owners and non-profits with small amounts (up to 5.9kW) of solar panels on their rooftops.

The Flogas SolarGen promotion is open to existing and new customers. Existing customers using solar panels will automatically have their 20c per kWh rate (which includes 9% VAT) backdated to 15th February 2022 or from when they first became eligible after this date.  Those looking to switch to Flogas will receive the 20c rate following sign up. They won’t lose out in doing so, as they will still receive payment for unused electricity from their old supplier. That payment would be backdated to 15th February 2022 at whatever rate was offered.


Dependent upon certain conditions, Flogas customers with 10 solar panels could be paid up to €238.00 (incl. VAT) annually, in the form of a credit on their bills.  Those with 15 solar panels could receive up to €350.00 (incl. VAT) annually.


Commenting on the announcement, John Rooney, managing director, Flogas Energy, said “We already have hundreds of customers with solar installations who  will have bill credits appearing by the end of October 2022. Our 20c rate for unused electricity is a real incentive for homes and small businesses looking to offset energy bills or those who are seriously considering the move towards solar energy.


As an energy supplier it is critical that we help our customers to make changes to their use of energy to help reduce their bills and support a greener, more sustainable future.” Rooney continued.


In a recent survey*, the Solar Energy Association said over one million homes in Ireland could benefit from a solar installation, which would take care of over 30% of Ireland’s energy requirement.

Flogas is now calling on the government to accelerate the level of grant support available for residential solar panel installation. It is also asking for a review of the current planning regulations and restrictions on businesses looking to do the same, to make it easier for them to do so.


The ESBN issues data for eligible customers to each supplier, giving details of the amount of electricity generated or deemed to be generated. If the customer has a Smart Meter installed, the amount will be exact. If not, the customer will receive a “deemed calculation” estimated amount based on a formula approved by the CRU.


The payment is in the form of a credit on customer bills, the first one due to be applied by 31st October 2022. Flogas aims to apply credits every two months after that to align with existing billing cycles.


For more information, visit here

Woodland Ireland Quarterly Supply Chain Report - Q2/22

Following Woodland Group Ireland’s first 2022 quarterly supply chain report, published in April, they will be examining the current supply chain landscape and reviewing the change in trends that have occurred as the year has progressed from April through to June 2022.


Q1 was an extremely mixed period for the global supply chain - COVID-19, mass congestion and the Ukraine-Russia conflict. To some extent, Q2 could equally be summed up by those same disruptors, the knock-on effects coupled with continued strict COVID-19 precautions in Asia resulting in Q2/22 being very much the same in its unpredictability. However, it did show a little more stability and positivity with import and export trends generally moving on an upward trend with demand and capacity increasing.


You can read the latest report in full here

Launch of ROCSOLID RETAIL Service



We have all experienced retailers saying “Sorry cash only”, or we cannot take payments today. Many retailers are exposed to the 25% of Cyber-attacks that are targeting their industry specifically, not with standing the exposure to managing multi-site technologies and vendors with limited visibility and increased risk to the business.


If you are a retailer big or small, connectivity and data are your business. To empower you ROCTEL have built a service, that we can deliver anywhere from as little as €149 per month including all internet and other services can be seamlessly added, a la carte. ROCSOLID RETAIL offers high availability internet connectivity with back up across all locations, to allow for a seamless retail experience for any environment at any location.

With both physical and cyber security at its core it will protect, you, your people, places and your customers, it will also drive efficiencies, and reduce risk and cost.


With ROCSOLID RETAIL your business can stay agile with cloud security, automated threat management and advanced network analytics.


The landscape has changed, you have tried the rest, it is time for ROCSOLID RETIAL. 


Commenting on this launch, Cormac Reid, ROCTEL’s Founder and CEO noted “ We are very excited to see this service come to market, they say necessity is the mother of invention and in this case that is true. Retailers have been grossly underserved in recent years with a mash-up of vendors and providers, almost expected to be experts in knowing the depth of the risks and threats that exist in today’s uncertain world. Having already experienced the benefit of our flagship service ROSOLID in the enterprise market, we set about developing a service specifically to address the unique and challenging business technological needs of Retailers.


ROCSOLID RETAIL delivers it all in one modular package that allows the retailer to consume complex technologies as a service with advanced data analytics to make their business more robust for the future. We are happy to say we have this service live in every county of Ireland, the feedback word that is noted is 'transformational'.

Shine a Light on Homelessness

Focus Ireland’s Shine A Light Night proudly supported by Bord Gáis Energy is taking place on Friday 14 October. Bord Gáis Energy has been working with Focus Ireland as its corporate responsibility partner since 2015. Over the past seven years, the partnership has directly supported over 7,000 families experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their home.


Focus Ireland and Bord Gáis Energy are appealing to business leaders, companies, employees, and individuals to sleep out for one night in October to help raise funds for vital homelessness services.


You can sign up here

Last Chance to Apply - Certificate in Screen Media Production for SMEs at Griffith College

Perhaps your business needs to make weekly Instagram videos to launch new products to customers, or you need to produce a monthly online town hall event so your CEO can speak to employees. Maybe you’re a freelancer who needs to keep clients updated with videos about new services you’re offering. The Certificate in Screen Media Production for Small to Medium Enterprises was specially created for professionals who understand the critical importance of storytelling in any type of industry or discipline and could be the perfect course for your business. 


This new and exciting NFQ Level 6 course commences this September. The part-time and flexible course takes place over 12 weeks, but if an organisation wants to bring several people through, we can devise a bespoke schedule for you, apply today


You can read more about the course here in the latest Business Plus article.

Programme Director Suzanne Burdis and Head of Graduate Business School Áine McManus were joined by representatives from Intel, Mason Hayes & Curran and the Construction Industry Federation to mark the launch of a suite of new procurement and supply chain management courses at Griffith College’s Dublin campus on the South Circular Road. For more information, please click here

Dublin Chamber's Newest Members

Dublin Chamber is the largest and most influential B2B networking organisation in Dublin. We represent more than 1,300 businesses throughout the Greater Dublin region, which between them employ more than 300,000 staff. Each month we welcome new members to the Chamber who will benefit from what the chamber has to offer, but also by our existing members. Here is the list of members that have joined so far this month.

Letsbuyhealthcare Limited


MTN Productions Ltd

Motel One


Moveplan Ireland Limited


Vigo Health

Compliance Institute

Three Grants for Small Businesses

New research from Three Ireland today reveals that over two thirds (69%) of SMEs do not believe they are supported enough as a business to grow further. The sentiment survey of over 300 small and medium sized companies in Ireland was carried out to mark the launch of Three Ireland’s annual Grants for Small Businesses which comprises of a €100,000 bursary.


The grant programme, funded by Three Ireland and managed by the small business network and support provider, Enterprise Nation, seeks to fund 10 small businesses and award them a portion of a €100,000 bursary. The bursary will be made up of cash, plus advice, support and connectivity solutions from Three Ireland’s expert business advisers.

With the cost of living steadily rising, the support SMEs require for day-to-day costs is evident – with 29% of businesses surveyed stating that cost of living support would be the most beneficial business support for growth. The research also outlined that government grants or funding for business (24%) and tax incentives (24%) were the next most beneficial support for business growth. These findings further underscore the necessity of offerings such as Three Ireland’s Grants for Small Businesses and highlight how the challenges for small businesses vary significantly from larger corporations.


Padraig Sheerin, judge for Three Ireland’s Grants for Small Businesses and Head of SME, Three Ireland, said:At Three, we’ve seen first-hand what the grant programme can do and the feedback we’ve had from last year’s winners has been extremely positive. They have made incredible strides and I’m so happy Three has been there to support them in the next stages of their journey.


The results we’ve seen from the research have further outlined the challenges we know SMEs face daily. With the rising cost of materials, equipment, and services being the top (15%) challenge for businesses, we know our grant will alleviate some of the pressure and allow our winners to focus on growing their businesses to the best of their ability.”


Sonya Lennon, judge for Three Ireland’s Grants for Small Businesses and Entrepreneur and Advocate for Workplace Equality, said:I am delighted to come on board as a judge for Three’s Grants for Small Businesses programme, and to see the development of so many exciting companies who are thriving with the support of Three. Seeing how the small businesses from this programme have developed and grown their teams over the course of the past year is inspirational. It serves as a reminder of what we can achieve when we are given the proper fuel. I have been involved with various small businesses throughout my career, and know the hard work, dedication and perseverance it takes to build something from the ground up.


Last year’s winners, including ByoWave, AgriGuardian and HerSport, really inspire me – their extraordinary teams are shaping our future, enacting real change and altering the landscape of their respective fields. What Three Ireland has done with this programme is powering such positive change. These businesses won't be small for long.”


The sentiment survey has also revealed a marked increase in support for mental health and wellbeing when compared to pre-pandemic levels – with 15% of companies offering mental health/counselling services compared to 11% pre-pandemic, and 18% of companies offering wellbeing support compared to 12% pre-pandemic.

For more information and details on the application process, click here.


The survey was carried out for Three Ireland by Behaviour & Attitudes in August 2022. 305 companies were surveyed.


We've got a whole host of great events coming up over the coming weeks including in-person events, training workshops, networking, and policy briefings. Simply click on the links below to find out more about each event and to book your place.


27th Sep: Net Zero in a Modern Enterprise with Amazon. Book here.

28th Sep: What Does Budget 2023 Mean for your Business with PwC. Book here

4th Oct: Overcome the Biggest Threats to your Supply Chain Processes with Avast Business. Book here

20th Oct: Annual Dinner. Book here.

For a full listing of all our upcoming events please head over to our website.

Avast Business - Why Layered Security is Stronger Security
Author: James Bevan, New Business Account Executive at Avast Business

Did you know that 62% of cyberattacks target small and mid-sized businesses?1 Not only that, but the average cost of a cyberattack has exploded from $34,000 to almost $200,000 per single incident.2  With all the challenges throughout the last two years, the last thing businesses need is a breach.


One of the best ways to prevent a breach is to stay prepared with multiple layers of cybersecurity. The more security you have in place, the harder it will be for cybercriminals to get through to your business data and devices. Keep reading to see a breakdown of important layers of security that your business should have in place.



This is probably the layer of security that many people are most familiar with. Antivirus is a form of endpoint protection that keeps your devices (such as laptops, desktops, phones, and servers) protected against malware, ransomware, unauthorized access, phishing, and data breaches. Having this line of defense is essential, especially now that many employees use multiple devices to get their work done on a daily basis.


When looking for an antivirus solution, it’s important to look for one that delivers comprehensive protection. A strong antivirus solution should be constantly adapting and evolving in order to stay ahead of emerging threats, meaning that it should definitely be protecting you against more than just the average virus. But having antivirus in place is only the beginning. It’s important to build upon it for maximum security.


Application security & software updates


Application security aims to increase the security of your apps by removing vulnerabilities and enhancing security features. Although most of this will be done at the development stage, updates and patches will be released after an app has been launched.


Common threats to applications include unauthorized access to sensitive information and modification. To ensure robust application security, consider using a patch management tool to regularly check for new patches and updates, and install them as soon as possible. Unpatched vulnerabilities present opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit, so keeping your applications and software updated should remain a priority.


Data security


Data security refers to the policies, processes, and technologies you have in place to prevent data from being modified, destroyed, or disclosed, whether accidentally or maliciously. Examples of data protection practices include using strong passwords to avoid unauthorized access, running regular system backups to aid recovery, and using encryption to prevent data from being easily read.


Backing up your data is a particularly important defense against ransomware. Unfortunately, 46% of SMBs have been targeted by ransomware, and 73% of those targeted SMBs paid the ransom.3 In the event that your business data is affected by ransomware, paying the ransom should never be your only option. Even if you do pay the ransom, that doesn’t guarantee complete restoration of stolen data. However, having a reliable backup solution allows you to restore and access critical information without the stress of losing valuable time and resources.


Optimising Computer Performance


Without regular maintenance, computers accumulate junk files and data over time, creating security vulnerabilities that harm system performance. With a solution like CCleaner, you can save time and money by enabling Windows computers to run faster, perform better, and last longer. According to Gartner, you can save 42% with a well-managed desktop compared to one that is not regularly cleaned and managed.


IT maintenance is one of those things that can become tedious, but it still plays a role in keeping your devices secure. Finding a solution that can help streamline tedious tasks by making them easier can help ensure that your business doesn’t fall behind on keeping company computers clean and efficient, while also allowing for more time to focus on other business priorities.


How Avast Business can help


Avast delivers easy-to-use, affordable, and award-winning cybersecurity solutions for small and growing businesses. We provide integrated security services to protect your devices, data, applications, and networks — all from one platform. Backed by 30 years of innovation, we have one of the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection networks.


With the Avast Business Hub, it’s easier than ever to manage multi-layered security from one easy-to-use platform. Experience how you can protect your business with a free 30-day trial.


Get a free trial







2 Hiscox

3 HelpNet Security

The Gaiety School of Acting Lunch and Learn Event

The Gaiety School of Acting, Irelands National Theatre School is delighted to invite you along to our annual Lunch and Learn session.This year’s session is taking place in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce on October 12th from 1-2pm.


It is a chance for your business to learn what we can offer to your staff and colleagues.  Since the easing of Covid restrictions the work place has been changed completely. We have had companies contact us regarding staff who no longer feel confident in the workplace, who have lost some of their social and interpersonal skills, staff who were hired during the pandemic and who have never physically met their colleagues.


This is something The Gaiety School of Acting can help with.

As part of their Lunch and Learn session, they will give you a general introduction in to the corporate training the School can offer, either on site or in your own offices. You'll get an overview of the training that can offer to you and your colleagues to help improve team building, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, sales, communication and so much more.


This is followed by an interactive training workshop led by our tutor Clare Maguire who for over 20 years has worked as a theatre practitioner and educator in both the UK and Ireland.


This will of course be a working lunch, making sure that you not only learn something during the hour but will have time to have refreshments and network with other attendees.


Due to the nature of the workshop places are limited so please do register early.


If you need any more information or are unable to attend and would like to know more about the training please contact our Corporate and Development Manager, Conor on corporate@gaietyschool.com or on 016799277 ext. 17.

Sixt Rent a Car Ireland: Special Offer for Chamber Members

Sixt Ireland are delighted to have been a member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce for the last four years and as the world is returning to normality and business travel is also beginning to return to near the levels of 2019, We are pleased to be able to offer discounted car hire to all the Dublin Chamber Members, not just at home here in Ireland but also in any of the 100+ Countries where Sixt are present.


Sixt has been in the mobility business for well over a hundred years now, and has grown in that time from a small local provider in Munich Germany, to now been the fastest growing car hire company in the world.

In the last 10 years we have witnessed tremendous growth right across the globe, especially in the USA where Sixt can now be found in most states and in nearly all the major international airports. 2022 also saw the beginning of the next country been turned Orange, with Sixt’s first Canadian location to open in Vancouver.


Sixt Ireland have also seen similar growth over the past ten years. Starting out with our Dun Laoghaire head office and small Dublin Airport location, we have now grown to be one of the largest providers at Dublin Airport. We have also added Cork and Shannon Airports to our list of branches, in addition to two Dublin city centre locations (Marlborough St on the North-side and St Stephens Green on the South-side).


With one of the freshest fleets in Ireland, we are ready, willing and able to look after your mobility needs for both short and long term car hire.


Below is a 10% Discount for the Dublin Chamber Members that can be used in Ireland or abroad, as we know every little saving can help in the current climate.


Simply go to the Sixt website, use the below account number and password to login and take advantage of this offer.


Account Number: 19299156

Password: Sixt2022!#


We are also able to offer very competitive rates for Long Term Car and Van Rentals here in Ireland, so rather than leasing a car and having that long term commitment, why not rent one instead and have the flexibility to only rent it when you need it!


For more information on this please contact Adrian on businessrentals@sixt.ie

Woodland Group Ireland Launches 360 Digital Supply Chain Platform

Woodland Group has launched its digital platform, Woodland Online, to the Irish market delivering full supply chain management from online quoting and booking, to tracking, reporting, WMS and supplier integration, stock and PO management.


Woodland Online also offers clients the opportunity to access reports on their supply chain’s environmental impact, a continuation of the wider group’s growing carbon conscious solutions aimed to support businesses in tracking and reducing their impact and meeting changing regulations around businesses’ environmental reporting.


Mobilising its bespoke supply chain systems and partner networks, Woodland Online can deliver supplier and PO management as well as client finance reports and customs documentation.

Woodland Group has invested into its digital capabilities for the last decade in order to provide a full supply chain management solution to the industry, with the acquisition of software company Freightfilter to build a fully integrated online quoting and booking system, followed by the backing of software company Ceedbox to combine the original Woodland Online solution with full 360 tracking and reporting.


Appreciating the importance of a digital offering that allows instant visibility and facilitates early, and at times preventative, measures to be taken to manage all stakeholders of a supply chain, Woodland Group Ireland clients can now get free access to Woodland Online to benefit from full visibility and 24/7 access to all supply chain information and their supply chain ecosystem.


Through Woodland Online, clients can connect with Woodland Group’s various locations across the globe and their dedicated team members, sector-specialists and network providing consultative support to streamline solutions and reduce cost, and guide clients through regulatory, political, and economic changes impacting supply chains and source preferential rates.


Woodland Online stands apart as a continuation and innovation of the traditional values and services offered by Woodland Group. It is an amalgamation of Woodland’s human approach, knowledge, network and assets.


Thanks to its expert teams and agile approach, Woodland Group has become known across Ireland for its success in delivering clients’ supply chains through recent and ongoing industry concerns as well as sourcing innovative carbon-conscious supply chain solutions.


Since Woodland Group’s expansion into Ireland in 1997, we have seen continued growth through the ability to pivot and adapt based on our clients’ needs and the changing global infrastructure, remaining focused on delivering solutions that make supply chain management as efficient and as straightforward as possible. We have put a focus on streamlining processes to save the time, cost and carbon associated with managing local and international supply chains, all the while staying agile, evolving with the latest technology and retaining the personal approach and expert guidance we’re known for. Launching the Woodland Online platform to our Irish clients is a significant milestone allowing us to integrate our personal approach with the very best aspects that digitalisation can offer to supply chains.”, Kevin Brady, Woodland Group Ireland Managing Director, commented.


Woodland Group is one of the leading and fastest growing privately owned global supply chain and logistics businesses with offices strategically located throughout Ireland, the UK, North America, Netherlands and Asia. This latest step in Woodland Group’s journey reinforces the company’s aim to create opportunities for clients and help deliver the sustainable supply chains of tomorrow.


For more information or to book your Woodland Online demo clickhere.

Pinergy to Increase Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) Tariff

Pinergy, Ireland’s smart clean energy business, has today announced that it will increase its Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) tariff to 21c per kWh. Pinergy will increase its MicroGen plan from 13.5c to 21c per kWh.


Pinergy was among the first of the energy suppliers to introduce a CEG tariff following the launch of the Micro-generation Support Scheme earlier this year. At that time, Pinergy announced that it would pay 13.5c per kWh to micro-generating customers that sell their excess energy back to Pinergy. However, since then wholesale energy prices have continued to rise significantly.

This new rate of 21c per kWh announced by Pinergy today, now represents the highest CEG tariff offered by any energy company operating in Ireland to date. Pinergy has also announced that it has begun paying customers with immediate effect for energy already exported this year and back-dated to February, when the Micro-generation Support Scheme was established.


Commenting on this announcement, Enda Gunnell, CEO at Pinergysaid: “We already have several hundred customers that are on Pinergy supply who are exporting their excess energy having been approved for the Micro-generation scheme. We are delighted with the response we have had from our customers so far. The interest shown towards the scheme demonstrates the willingness of customers to contribute positively towards a more sustainable energy future. At Pinergy we are seeing a lot of potential for further growth for Micro-generation in Ireland and we are excited to play our role in this transition.”


Customers will receive monthly credit for their excess energy that is being sold back to Pinergy depending on how much energy that they are exporting back to the Grid every month. Up to the end of August, Pinergy’s commercial & residential customers approved for the Scheme have exported the equivalent annual demand of 35 typical homes of excess electricity back to the grid.  

MJ Flood Technology Announce New Solution to Market

Earlier this month MJ Flood Technology announced their latest solution to market, MJ Flood Voice powered by Microsoft Teams.


MJ Flood Voice powered by Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based phone system and the next logical step for any organisation already benefiting from the power of Microsoft Teams. Accessible from your mobile, laptop, computer, or desk phone, MJ Flood Voice gives you more flexibility for your organisations communications.


The solution has many benefits with no compromise to the quality of the call. Benefits include:

Cost Reduction

Switching to our cloud-based telephony solution will result in a significant reduction in both your telephony and support costs.


Increase in Productivity

Increase productivity and flexibility within your team with MJ Flood Voice. Make and receive calls on the go and seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft 365 apps.


Return on Investment

Get a substantial return on investment when your organisation moves to MJ Flood Voice. Not only do you save money, but you also save time.


James Finglas, Managing Director of MJ Flood Technology says, “MJ Flood Voice powered by Microsoft Teams is the next logical step in the evolution of Teams, delivering the future of telephony to all organisations”.


If you would like to learn more about MJ Flood Voice powered by Microsoft Teams get in touch with them today or visit their website for more information.

OFX Teams up with BKT United Rugby Championship (URC)

OFX, International money transfer and foreign exchange services provider, is announcing details of an exciting new partnership with the BKT United Rugby Championship (URC). The BKT URC is an annual rugby union tournament involving professional teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, and Wales.


The partnership will see OFX become the ‘Official Currency Exchange Partner’ of the fast evolving, innovative, and growing global rugby championship which currently includes 16 super clubs from the northern and southern hemispheres, including the four Irish provinces Connacht, Munster, Leinster, and Ulster. The annual tournament takes place between September and May.


The multi-year partnership, which will cover an initial period of 3 years, will see OFX providing its foreign exchange services to the Championship as well as using the opportunity to build brand awareness across key European markets through various channels including broadcast, digital content, hospitality, and brand activation. It is estimated that there are 58.7 million rugby fans in the territories involved and over 38.2 million URC fans.


OFX recently announced the establishment of a European HQ in Dublin as part of its ambitious plans to grow business and market share in Ireland and Europe. The Irish operation, OFX Payments Ireland Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary of OFX Group. It is responsible for managing the European portfolio from Ireland and is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI). OFX offers an alternative to existing providers at a time when established banks are leaving the Irish market.


Commenting on the partnership with the URC Maeve McMahon, CEO OFX Ireland, and Growth Leader for Europe said ‘We are delighted to be partnering with the URC at what is an exciting time for OFX in Ireland and Europe. This opportunity comes at a time when we have ambitious plans to build our brand awareness and grow our international money transfer and foreign exchange services business across Ireland and Europe. The partnership with URC is a great match for OFX. They share many of our core values including driving innovation, diversity and the unrelenting ambition to excel.'


Martin Anayi, CEO of United Rugby Championship, said: ‘We’re excited to see this new partnership with OFX come to life. With our league spread across so many territories, bringing in an Official Currency Exchange Partner such as OFX is a very natural fit and will help our business thanks to the services they provide.

‘We’ve seen major uplift in our broadcast audiences and a consistent rise in our social media metrics since rebranding the league and expanding further into South Africa. We believe we can provide OFX with a great platform to grow the awareness of their brand and tap into audiences that really matter to them.’

Powering Up Dublin with Eirgrid

EirGrid, the state-owned operator of Ireland’s electricity grid is planning to upgrade underground power cables to future proof our needs. This will help shape Dublin’s electricity future and bring more renewable energy onto the grid.


EirGrid is setting up a Business Forum for the project, the purpose of the forums is to ensure local communities and businesses views are understood and properly considered at key stages throughout the project.


Join us at our in-person information day to learn more about the forum.


Date: Tuesday 27 September

Location: Smock Alley Theatre, 6-7 Exchange Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 8

Time: 9am to 10.30am

More News
Dublin Chamber Annual Dinner

Dublin Chamber's Annual Dinner is taking place on Thursday 20th October, with guest speakers Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe, Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud International & Head of Google Ireland, and Dublin Chamber President Vincent Harrison.


Book your place at Dublin's most prestigious business event.

Office Space to Rent

Two floors available to rent in a stunning Georgian building in the heart of Dublin City Centre. 115 Lower Baggot Street has been modernised and finished to a very high standard. The two floors comprise of private open plan office, kitchen/canteen, toilets and shower facilities. Rent is negotiable.


To arrange a viewing or for further details please contact Lisa/Bethany at 014854563 or email bethany@mckennaandcosolicitors.com.