Meeting Ireland’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Government is soon to begin drafting its next SDG National Implementation Plan. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are far reaching and encompass all aspects of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. For Dublin and Ireland to progress on the SDGs all stakeholders need to be engaged and progress needs to be monitored and encouraged.


Dublin Chamber is recommending to Government that the next SDG National Implementation Plan include set actions for delivery, that Government departments incorporate the SDGs into strategy, and that the plan include provision for Government to provide regular updates on national and departmental progression.  


The data collection on the SDGs is not yet robust, and this needs to be improved on. 

Additionally, the Chamber is urging that the business community, as hugely influential and impactful stakeholders in sustainability, are afforded suitable means of inputting to the data collection process on the actions that they are taking in support of the SDGs. 


Finally, key to the success of progressing on the SDGs is creating the required public awareness and understanding of the SDGs. This is particularly important within the business community as enabling stakeholders to engage with the SDGs in such a way that is appropriate for their business activities specifically will have significant impact on progress.