Chamber Lobbying Update

Meanwhile, we are keeping focus on the medium-to-long-term challenges the pandemic poses in terms of business recapitalisation and the future of our urban centres, for example. Dublin Chamber’s Policy Council met last week to discuss flexible working, the economic outlook, and priorities for Budget 2022, and you can get a sense of its recent policy work by visiting our submissions page.


With the impact on urban centres in mind, we have been promoting our vision of a 15 Minute City among Dublin City Councillors, and backing ambitious business plans to revitalise the O’Connell Street district through increased residential capacity and footfall. Chamber members can watch our recent briefing on the future of the O’Connell Street district here.


This month, we have also been engaging with the Department of Finance on ways to help finance SMEs by improving the Employment & Investment Incentive scheme; and with the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment to highlight business concerns around long-term remote working.


You can find out more about recent policy developments in this newsletter. As always, we welcome input from all our members to help shape and inform the Chamber’s policy work.


We are always keen to hear from you, whether on the specific issues raised in this newsletter or on any other matter. If you have thoughts or feedback on policy from a business perspective, please get in touch with us by emailing: