Better Funding Needed for Dublin

Last year, Councillors voted against official advice by reducing LPT by 15%, becoming one of the few Local Authorities to do so. Dublin Chamber has pointed out that no such relief is being offered to businesses through reductions in their commercial rates bills, and that the decision seems motivated by electoral concerns rather than the real needs of the city.


The result of this decision was the de-funding of plans to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the city centre, negatively impacting on both the business environment and quality of life. This is despite Chamber research showing that twice as many people consider Dublin a dirty city as consider it a clean city.


We have long argued that the capital city needs a stronger local government with greater autonomy. When making the case for Dublin at national Government level, we argue that LPT revenue which is generated locally should be kept and re-invested locally rather than transferred to other areas outside of Dublin. Unfortunately, it is hard to make this case when public representatives choose not to use their existing revenue allocation.


Our submission can be viewed here.

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