Barnardos Child Poverty Crisis Appeal - 100 days to Raise €1million

Many of the families whom Barnardos support are barely managing to pay their bills and provide the basic daily essentials.


Unfortunately, the cost-of-living crisis is hurting many families in Ireland this winter.

As prices rise, few of us can escape the increased pressure on our budgets and finances, but some families are facing some very dire decisions indeed.

Many of those who were already struggling to cover the cost of food, heat and light must now choose between those essentials. Should they eat and suffer the cold? Or pay for some electricity and miss a couple of meals?

No family should be faced with those awful choices – but many are now having to make them on a daily basis.

The impact of the crisis on our country’s most vulnerable children cannot be overstated. And with Christmas just around the corner, it’s hard to imagine how utterly lacking in comfort and joy many families will be this festive season.


Thousands of the most vulnerable children in our country desperately need your support. Will you donate today and help make sure families in need are fed and warm this winter?

Children are living in cold, damp homes and struggling to get the sleep they need to concentrate on their school work. Many are simply going hungry – their young bodies having to go without a good hot meal to nourish them.


A Barnardos survey during the year, with over 300 parents, found that 28% of families had already cut back on heating; and almost one in four had cut back on electricity.

Almost half of the families surveyed said they had gone without or radically cut down on heat, electricity, medicines and food.

And this was before energy prices went up yet again and before the worst of the winter weather could set in.

One of our frontline staff recently said “I can honestly say I have not seen deprivation like this since I was first working and early on in my career, back in the 1980s.”



This is why we are asking for your help with such urgency. 

A gift from your company will help make sure that families can afford to buy good food and pay for some heat and light this winter. Families all over Ireland will have you to thank when they can keep their children’s clothes clean and dry, and tick a couple of small treats off the lists for Christmas.

Your donation will also help our Family Support teams to provide both advice on budgeting and practical help to those in need – helping them build their confidence and resilience.



What a donation today can do:

  • €1,000 could help provide struggling families with the practical support and advice they need to navigate the crisis.
  • €2,500 could help protect children from being cold and hungry this winter.
  • €5,000 could help provide families who are having to choose between food and electricity with the essentials they need.


Other companies are seeing the effects of this crisis and are responding to ensure Barnardos can support those most in need. Will you join them, and donate?


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