We Oppose Water Price Hikes

The utility is proposing a standardised framework for non-domestic water tariffs across the country, which will lead to significant bill increases for many businesses – particularly in the Dublin region, where many firms will face hikes in the region of 40%.


This new ‘harmonised’ system, proposals for which can be viewed here, aims to replace the variety of prices across the country with a new nationwide model for commercial water users. However, Dublin Chamber questions the fairness of the proposed system and has expressed alarm about the implications for future costs, and the impact on Dublin’s business competitiveness.


In our submission to the Commission for the Regulation of utilities, we have pointed out that the proportion of overall water costs borne by businesses would rise by 20%, and this rise would be borne by half of firms, leading to very significant bill increases in many cases. The impact will be large in Dublin, which has a high concentration of businesses and where water prices are relatively competitive at present. We have also highlighted the compounding effect that this may have on the hotel sector in the context of the impending VAT increase.


You can check the impact on your own firm’s water bill by clicking here for Irish Water’s Business Calculator.


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