Other Recent Chamber Submissions

  • Sustainable Dublin |The four Dublin local authorities released their Draft Climate Change Action Plans earlier this year, you can read more here about how we raised the important point around lack of engagement with the business community and a failure to include clear deadlines.
  • Water Charges | The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in April released its decision to support the majority of Irish Water’s proposed new framework for the new Non-Domestic Water Charges, but made a change that we welcomed  whereby they recommended reducing the proposed increase on water charges by 2%.
  • Budget 2020 | Summer is finally here but our eyes are turning to the Autumn. With Budget 2020 announcements on the horizon we have been engaging with Government on issues around a number of business taxes and incentives with submissions on Employment & Investment Incentive Relief , Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneur Relief, Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) and, there is another on the way to the Department of Finance on the Research & Development Tax Credit.

If any of these issues (or others) are impacting on your business, please contact us via policy@dublinchamber.ie.

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