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The Money



Artist: A Kaleider Production. Conceived and directed by Seth Honnor

Genre: Theatre / Game

Description: The Money is a cross between a game and a theatrical performance taking place in City Hall. Choose to be either a Silent Witness or a Player. Silent Witnesses watch as Players must come to a unanimous decision about how to spend a pot of real cash. If the group agrees before the clock ticks down, the money is theirs to spend. If not, it rolls over to the next show.


Click here to watch the trailer.


The Sound of Phoenix




Artist: Shanna May Breen

Genre: Live art / Installation

Description: The Sound of Phoenix is a site-specific travelling soundscape of the Phoenix Park. The listener is invited onto a vintage bus to drive through the park. Devised from conversations and interviews, this fizzy and heartfelt tapestry of sound will relive and reimagine what this epic site means to us today.


Click here to watch the trailer.


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