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Customs training ahead of Brexit
By Carol Lynch, Partner, Customs and International Trade Team.

With the threat of Brexit still looming, companies importing and exporting with the UK must ensure that they are informed about customs procedures. In order to continue trading with the UK, companies must be approved as Authorise Economic Operators /Trusted Traders.

Most companies who are facing importing to and exporting from the UK post Brexit will have limited knowledge of customs procedures. Many companies over the last twenty five years have operated within the Single Market which has removed the requirement to understand how to complete customs forms


Along with this, in order to move goods with the minimum customs requirements possible, companies are going to have to look to get approved as Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) or Trusted Traders as this is often referred to.


One of the recently introduced conditions for AEO status is that the applicant, or the person in charge of their customs affairs must have customs knowledge and training.


For example;

a. They must have 3 years’ experience as a guide


b. They must have Professional qualifications, undertake training and have passed an examination, consistent with the extent of their involvement in customs activities.


With a short time frame now left the answer is simply to prepare your business to ensure you are able to import and export from a Non-EU Country. Things which can and must be done at a minimum are:

1.       Ensure your tariff classifications are 100% correct

2.       Ensure you have a clearance agent to lodge Customs Declarations on your behalf

3.       Prepare an application to obtain a Deferred Payment Account, discuss and agree a guarantee provision with your bank, and have the application ready to lodge by end of the year if no-deal has been agreed.


There are no real costs to 2&3 and 1- Classification – is a requirement regardless of when the UK ultimately leave and is consequently work which will ultimately be required. Therefore in terms of investing management time at this point, we would strongly recommend that businesses who are now seriously looking at preparing for the possibility of a Hard Brexit for the first time, start working on ensuring they have all UK imports and exports assigned a Tariff Code as a matter of urgency.


At BDO we are offering access to bespoke customs training for our clients.  The essential features of our training involves

  1. Completing Import and Export Documentation
  2. How the clearance system works
  3. Information required by Revenue
  4. SAD auditing
  5. Classification of goods and application of tariffs
  6. Understanding Trade Agreements (particularly in the event of a new UK-EU Agreement)
  7. Qualifying for reduced rates under Trade Agreements
  8. Dealing with Customers and Suppliers
  9. Understanding the movement of goods whether by Road, Sea or Air
  10. Developing Customs Reports
  11. Understanding Duty Saving Opportunities

For further information on Brexit and all customs queries please contact BDO.




For further information contact:

Carol Lynch




Direct: +353 1 470 0491


Beaux Lane House

Mercer Street Lower

Dublin 2

Tel: +353 1 470 0000

Fax: +353 1 477 0000




About Carol Lynch

Carol is a Partner at BDO Customs and International Trade Services. Carol has more than 25 years’ experience in customs and international trade.


Carol is currently heavily involved in advising clients on the impact of Brexit and is working with a number of high profile companies in this regard.

She has been requested to present to the Oireachtas Finance Committee on the impact of Brexit for traders in Ireland and also presents on behalf of Chambers Ireland and InterTrade Ireland. She is part of a number of working groups including that of the British Irish Chambers of Commerce and the Revenue Commissioners. She contributes to various media (print and radio) with regard to the Customs issues which may arise post Brexit.


Carol has significant expertise in customs, excise, export controls, anti-dumping, audits and investigations. She also has significant experience working with clients in the aviation and aircraft leasing, food and drink, pharmaceutical companies, consumer electronics and software sectors along with general manufacturing.

Port of Antwerp Trade & Logistics roadshow Ireland

Port of Antwerp Trade & Logistics roadshow Ireland is ready for May! Antwerp Port Authority and Flanders Investment & Trade would like to invite you for the event in Dublin on the 28th of May or in Cork on the 29th of May.

Register here

How to mitigate your supply chain risks post-Brexit?


Each year over 16 million tons of cargo are handled between the Port of Antwerp and the UK & Ireland, making the latter our second largest maritime trade partner. After Brexit, it is our intention to continue to be a preferred European gateway & distribution hub for your products.


To demonstrate our continued commitment the Belgian Ambassador in Ireland H.E. Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, the Antwerp Port Authority and Flanders Investment & Trade would like to invite you for the Port of Antwerp Trade & Logistics event in Dublin on the 28th of May or in Cork on the 29th of May.


During this interactive event you will learn more about Port of Antwerp’s solutions and preparedness for Brexit in line with your (future) supply chain needs: capacity, connectivity, storage, VAL & distribution facilities for your cargo types, trade facilitation by Customs & Phytosanitary services, and much more.


We very much look forward to welcoming you in at the Residence of the Belgian Ambassador in Dublin (28 May) or at the Port of Cork in Cork (29 May).



Information and programme can be found through the following link, where people can also register -> Port of Antwerp – Trade & Logistics Road Show Ireland (28-29 May)

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Final call for Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019 and Brokerage event (23rd-24th May, Valletta, Malta)

Who's excited to attend this year's Malta AI & Blockchain Summit @BlockchainMT ? Get your last minute tickets here: https://aimaltab2b.b2match.io/ The #blockchainisland is moving beyond the hype!


Call to action for all Irish companies looking for new tech solutions: https://maltablockchainsummit.com/  


Are you an AI, Blockchain Quantum Tech, Big Data and/or and IoT Startup? One week to go! Have you registered yet? The #blockchainisland is moving beyond the hype! 

The 2019 Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit will be increasing in both size and scope, reflecting the hypervelocity of advances and immense opportunities that the sector has seen over recent months.  The Malta Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Summit 2019 is expected to attract 10,000 attendees, 400 exhibitors, 1500 investors and the world’s leading minds in #AI and #blockchain industries.  

A line up of inspiring speakers has been secured, including Tim Draper, Andreas Antonopoulos, Nouriel Roubini, Sophia the Robot, amongst others.  The conference will help businesses understand the hypervelocity of advances and identify opportunities for investment.



Malta AI & Blockchain summit is offering 100 startups the chance to win a free booth in our startup village on the 23rd and 24th of May. Furthermore, ten AI startups will also have the opportunity to pitch on stage during the summit!


Start up village and AI application  here


Date: 23rd May 2019
Time: 14.00 – 17:00
Venue: Hilton Malta Hotel, Portomaso, St Julians, Malta


The brokerage event will be FREE and the companies who attend the brokerage will be given a FREE PASS to the Conference



2019 Key Topics:
-          Understanding decentralised blockchain and centralised artificial intelligence and how this could take societal organisation to a new level. 
-          Learning what ethical and practical implications, are expected to render AI’s development in a sustainable manner. 
-          Ensuring compliance with AI safety, security and accountability 

In a few words, from keynote experts, lavish networking events and an exhibition focus on Blockchain, AI & IoT; the AI & Blockchain Summit is your one-stop-shop to explore the convergence of these deep technologies.



*Dublin City Council and the Local Enterprise Office (LEO)Dublin City - the Technical Assistance for Micro Exporters (TAME) grant. This offer is for a grant up to €500 to support international delegations. It will only applies to micro businesses with less than 10 employees.  


For more information and to book a pass for this incredible event please look here: https://maltablockchainsummit.com/  


For more information on the brokerage and the TAME grand please email valentina@dublinchamber.ie



This event is brought to you in cooperation with the Maltese Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and the Enterprise Europe Network. 

EUROStart LTTA (10th-14th June, Valencia, Spain)

Dublin Chamber will be leading three entrepreneurs for a full learning teaching training activity (LTTA) in Valencia, Spain on the 10th - 14th June as part of the EUROStart programme. With start ups from partner countries Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Denmark. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to network and expand their international contacts. 


To apply please email valentina@dublinchamber.ie 

EUROStart is a strategic partenership for vocational education training. For more information on EUROStart click here or follow us on twitter @EurostartP


Dublin Chamber will be leading three entrepreneurs for a full learning teaching training activity (LTTA) in Valencia, Spain on the 10th - 14th June as part of the EUROStart programme. With delegates from partner countries Hungary, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Denmark. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to network and expand their international contacts. 


Costs for participants including flights, accommodation, and meals will be covered.  If you are interested and want to share your story, please contact us. 


To apply please email valentina@dublinchamber.ie 

Doing business with Greece - Business briefing and B2B, 27th June
On 27th June the Enterprise Europe Network at Dublin Chamber, in association with SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, will host a morning briefing on Doing Business with Greece, followed by a B2B matchmaking session with select companies from the region from 11.00. 

Time: Briefing 09.00-11.00, Lunch 12.30-13.30, B2B Meetings from 11.00
Date: 27th June 2019
Venue: Dublin Chamber, 7 Clare St, Dublin 2
Cost: Free of charge - please book here

For queries and B2B meeting requests, please email maria@dublinchamber.ie or call 01 644 7223

The briefing will include an overview of the current state-of-play Greek trade & Investment opportunities with invited speakers from relevant Irish government support agencies. 

With an emphasis on the construction, pharma, food and environmental sectors and industry delegates this event offer a wide range of new opportunities for your business. 

Who should attend? 
- Companies (SMEs) involved in Construction, Pharma, Food, Environment  
- Industry associations/ clusters  
- Economic/ trade development officials
Why you should attend? 
- Networking opportunities
- Develop new business relationships 
- Explore new business opportunities
- Insight into internationalisation for your company 
- Learn about new markets
- Export promotions
Success story - Our Susan Hayes and BECKSearch -Cultivating conducive conversations across geographies to learn more, sell more and gain skills faster
By Susan HayesCulleton, CEO, BECKSearch

In the most recent publication of the Harvard Business Review, a piece titled “Cross-Silo Leadership”, the authors posit that “the value of horizontal teamwork is widely recognised. Employees who can reach outside their silos to find colleagues with complementary expertise learn more, sell more and gain skills faster.”


This notion makes sense in theory, but team leaders, HR professionals or L&D personnel may wonder how to make it happen in reality. At BECKSearch, we recently worked with an accounting firm with staff across multiple geographies to do exactly this. We sought to bring over 100 people together who wouldn’t necessarily cross paths, give them a meaningful way they would converse around the business so that they could build understanding and empathy for what each other did and then collect insights from these conversations. There were three key things that we put in place to make this happen:


1. Put as much social distance as possible between each person around the table. Our algorithm has been designed to match people who are as far apart on a cubed matrix as possible. In the client’s case, we sought to match people who didn’t work in the same line of business nor in the same geography. There were other minor constraints and then the output was a tailored table plan which physically removed staff from their silos.


2. We designed a SWOT analysis concept with a light icebreaker at the beginning and playful tone at the end. Within the activity, we offered everybody the opportunity to contribute their views which were all equally valid. There wasn’t a prize for the best answer, nor was there any parameters for the “right answer”. All we looked for was inclusive contribution. This gave everybody “permission to come to the table”. While we invited individual contributions, we gave clear instructions that the format was predicated on interaction at the table level and so, the intention was to share your thoughts with your table members and then post your contribution to our dynamic whiteboard.


3. The final aspect of importance was to dedicate some time to looking at the responses on an audience wide basis. We did this in real time at the event itself and in some cases, levered visual design to convey key points. For example, we used a word cloud that gave a bigger font to a term if it appeared more often than in other cases. This facilitated further interaction at the tables as groups reflected on their discussion in comparison to what had emerged from everybody. We also prepared a full report and debrief for the client. We had the time and space then to consider any biases (e.g. the content discussed during the day is likely to be at the top of mind and hence, an immediate memory bias could colour the responses). From there, the company could decide how proceed. In some cases, it wanted to respond in action (e.g. based on the feedback, we are going to do “x”), in communication (e.g. it appears that there is some ambiguity around “y” and we would like to clear that up) or not at all (e.g. some people want the company to pursue “z” but that simply doesn’t fit in with our strategy).


Therefore, in your business, it’s more than possible to facilitate cross-silo conversations with key ingredients in place including tailored connections, a themed discussion, an inclusive environment where a premium is placed on participation and a data method to “hear” everybody’s point of view.


Susan HayesCulleton is CEO of BECKSearch which offers enhanced peer learning for training and events. BECKSearch is Innovation Partnership between HayesCulleton Ltd, DCU and Enterprise Ireland.

Indian Embassy Monthly Economic Newsletter

Dublin Chamber is delighted to announce the Monthly Economic Newsletter compiled by the Embassy of India, Dublin. This newsletter is an important guide for anyone doing business in India or interested in learning more about Indian markets and India-Ireland trade and relations. 



The newsletter includes sections on India-Ireland Economic Relations with details and statistics on bilateral trade between the two countries and the Embassy Provincial Outreach Programme. There are also articles on the Indian economy with important economic news articles and statistics on GDP, FDI and Foreign Trade. To find out more and sign up to receive this monthly newsletter you can subscribe by aplying on email: com1.dublin@mea.gov.in

or download from our web page: www.indianembassydublin.gov.in

Looking to export?

The Export & Consular department based in Dublin Chamber are experts when it comes to helping companies to get goods shipped abroad, to register products in export markets and to visit export customers.

Dublin Chamber’s experienced staff organise the legalisation of documents for international trade, legal or commercial requirements and inter-country adoptions. Our couriers go on a daily basis to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Supreme Court, the Joint Arab Irish Chamber of Commerce and any necessary Embassy in Dublin as well as to London based Embassies and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to ensure that your documents have all the necessary stamps and seals for full compliance to international regulations. We also offer advice on the requirements for each country. Our fast and efficient service ensures prompt processing of your vital documents.



The Export & Consular offers a wide range of services including:

•             Certificates of origin issued and stamped

•             Certification of export documentation

•             ATA Carnets, for the temporary export of goods, issued,

•             Legalisation of export and regulatory documentation,

•             Visas for your business travel needs.



Export Services – We make getting goods shipped broad easy.


For further information on any of the above services please contact:

Richard Brown (01 644 7204 / richard@dublinchamber.ie)

Aleksandra Balcerzak (01 644 7205 / aleksandra@dublinchamber.ie)