Unicef - Donations instead of Gifts Winter Appeal 

Special occasions offer an ideal opportunity to show your commitment to making the world a better place. This Christmas, rather than sending gifts to customers, choose to make a donation to UNICEF Ireland’s Donations instead of Gifts campaign, helping children and families affected by war in Ukraine. A donation provides children in Ukraine with winter clothes and is a sensible and sustainable alternative to expensive Christmas presents. 


Simply donate the amount intended for your Christmas gifts to UNICEF. In return, your business will receive attractive campaign materials including web banners, social media and print assets. These campaign materials will show your employees, customers and business partners the commitment you’ve made to the children and families of Ukraine.  
Families of Ukraine have now endured over nine months of devastation and displacement since the war began. Winters in Ukraine are brutal, with biting winds, driving snow and freezing temperatures – sometimes as low as – 20°C. This Christmas, we encourage you to take part in our Donations instead of Gifts campaigns for the children and families of Ukraine and give children the chance for a warmer winter and a better future. 

Your help today cannot come at a better time for the children of Ukraine.  



Donations instead of Gifts: Get involved! 

  • €584 can provide 100 warm blankets to protect children and families against the bitter cold of winter in Ukraine  
  • €1,434.50 can provide ten winter kits each containing a thermal set, sweater, winter jacket, winter pants, woollen hat, socks and winter hat 
  • €3,000 helps three families (households) in a crisis to do what they believe is best for their children 


If you believe business to be a force for good chose our ‘Donations instead of Gifts’ campaigns. With your support, UNICEF will continue to fulfil our mission to save lives, protect children’s rights and wellbeing, and build better futures for people who have been forced to flee their homes in Ukraine.    



Click here to donate.



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