Survey Reveals Attitudes Towards Sustainable Clothing

The results are in! A new EU survey conducted by Eurobarometer examined the attitude of EU citizens towards the environment. Covering the impacts and actions of the clothing industry, the survey revealed that  9 out of 10 Irish people agree that clothing should be made to last longer. Eight in 10 respondents said they think clothing should be made from materials that can be recycled.


A large majority of people believe think that second-hand clothing should be promoted more.


The survey also shows that a very large majority (96%) of Irish people think that clothing brands should be required to ensure good working conditions both inside and outside the EU.


In contrast, almost half (46%) of Irish people agree, or tend to agree, that clothes should be made at the lowest possible price regardless of the impact on the environment or the working conditions in which they were made. See the full survey results here, with infographic here.

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