Advice for Street Furniture & Outdoor Dining

Dublin City Council has asked us to communicate the following advice for businesses in the city centre to ensure that their street furniture is compliant, as they have recently begun inspections. Overall, there is a high level of compliance and they have reassured us that they will work with all businesses, being as flexible as possible as they strive towards full compliance.


Here are some things to watch out for:


  1. Public footpaths: Businesses must maintain 2 metres of clear footpath space at all times unless the footpath is smaller, in which case they cannot use the footpath. Blocking footpaths can cause problems, especially for vulnerable citizens such as people with disabilities.
  2. Fire exits: Businesses must maintain clear fire exit routes at all times, and must be careful that their street furniture does not block fire exits on neighbouring premises either.
  3. Use of gas heaters: The use of gas heaters is strictly prohibited. Any premises using gas heaters must immediately stop.
  4. Placing of street furniture in live traffic: There have been some examples of businesses placing street furniture in live traffic. The danger this creates for the customer is obvious.
  5. Maintaining a clear 3.5 meters of carriageway for emergency access: The Council needs to maintain a clear 3.5 metres of road carriageway at all times for emergency access. There have been some examples of street furniture encroaching onto the road carriageway.


You can read the Street Furniture Guidelines here. If you have any questions or concerns, just email