Business Ireland Q1 Published Yesterday

Dublin Chamber's quarterly business magazine was published yesterday inside every copy of The Irish Times. The issue looks at:


Untangling Brexit: Many Irish firms have been caught by surprise by Rules of Origin and some of the other fine print aspects of Brexit. What are the long-term solutions to problems that just won’t go away?


Employee engagement: Gens Y and Z require a lot more love in the workplace if they are to hang around. A look at the new engagement strategies being deployed by employers to hang onto their brightest and best staff and how these are being adapted to the new distributed workplace model.


Retirement is more than just a numbers game: Most discussions around retirement tend to boil down to two numbers – age and the size of your pension pot. But retirement is about a lot more than money. We speak to retirement planning and workplace wellbeing experts about the need to take a new approach to retirement.


and much, much more.