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A person wearing sunglassesDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceAs Christmas approaches, NCBI is once again running its Tree of Light campaign and your support this year would be greatly appreciated.  Share the light of the season with someone living in the darkness of a vision impairment.


Someone like Joe in Wexford. He was 34 when his life changed forever. His right eye began haemorrhaging and his vision began deteriorating rapidly. It wasn’t just a problem with one eye. Six weeks later — on his birthday — he could no longer see his own hands or feet. “I had major denial at the start,” Joe remembers. “I just kept saying that it wasn’t true.” He didn’t even want to reach out for help. But with his vision so seriously impaired, Joe could no longer undertake simple daily tasks.

One day, he suffered a serious accident, cutting his foot. A nurse who cared for him made a crucial recommendation: Try NCBI. “NCBI was absolutely pivotal,” Joe says today, “in getting me to turn a corner to acceptance of my sight loss.” Yes, it was a hard time, he recalls, “but through their professionalism, it made the daily grind a bit easier.” Today, Joe is thriving and living independently.


Through NCBI, Joe — like so many others — started life over. “I had to reboot,” he says, “and relearn how to live. I found it very hard to do,” he recalls, “but the staff knew how to teach people with sight loss to adapt their home, feel confident getting about, or be competent using technology to full effect.” Soon Joe had joined a technology club. “I made some good friends!” he says with a smile. “The reception I got was very welcoming.  If you dig in and decide to take their guidance, they make life a lot easier.”



Your support today is critically important, because some 55,000 people in Ireland are blind or vision impaired, and the number is rising. Yet only 1 in 4 people with impaired vision are working.

Compared to the general population, people with a vision impairment have 60% less of a chance of being employed. You can help change this picture, by supporting campaigns like ‘Tree of Light’.


“The more the public knows what’s available,” Joe says, “the more people like me can get involved and get their independence back.”


When a child has been diagnosed with a condition that will compromise their vision … When a senior citizen finds that their eyesight is fading … When a young adult with a vision impairment is feeling alone in the world …

Your support of our ‘Tree of Light’ campaign will make a positive difference.


Through a generous gift, you will advocate for people with a vision impairment. You’ll offer proven-effective, practical programmes that equip and inspire both children and adults to navigate our “sighted world.” You’ll be helping someone recently diagnosed with a sight-loss condition who feels the world has closed in on them... someone who never imagined they’d find themselves in such a crisis... someone who is struggling to adapt and accept their new circumstances.


Thanks to you, NCBI will be able to meet with people who are blind or vision impaired personally, listen to their stories, assess the realities of their situations, and offer personal plans specifically for them:

• Do they need low-vision aids?

• Do they need orientation and mobility training?

• Do they need emotional or practical support to help them adjust?

• Do they need technology training and advice? Whatever their problems, you’ll help them find solutions.



Please be as generous as you can this Christmas and support our Tree of Light campaign.

Each bulb on our Tree of Light is €250.  

Your involvement will be celebrated on our Tree of Light on display to the public at NCBI Whitworth Road and online


Send your details to or alternatively donate anything you can here.


Thank you and NCBI wishes you a very healthy and happy Christmas, full of warmth and love.


Yours sincerely,

NCBI Foundation Team



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