Visual Mapping: A Powerful Tool for Messaging

Building awareness builds understanding. Philanthropy is not always the easiest concept to convey an understanding of. While a direct translation of the word from its Greek origins provides a factual insight, examples of philanthropy in action serve to bring the concept to life making it very real for all engaging with it.

Philanthropy Ireland is a small not-for-profit dedicated to cultivating and supporting philanthropy, so we know that messaging with clarity and purpose is vitally important. While we are appreciative of many engaging in philanthropic giving – businesses, families, individuals – we are equally mindful that what is being achieved is not widely understood.


Our challenge was to convey in simple terms the depth and diversity of philanthropy in Ireland. In conveying messages on what is being achieved we were certain in the belief that it would serve to deepen engagement with philanthropy. SmartSimple Cloud, through its mapping tool, is supporting us in reaching this goal. SmartSimple is a pioneer in cloud-based grant management software and working with them has allowed us to achieve our philanthropic goals.


In simple terms, the mapping tool provides a visual picture of how, where, and who is being supported by philanthropic giving. Observers of the map, which will be housed on here can click on a geo pin to learn about projects and communities funded by Philanthropy Ireland members. 

Why does this work so well for us? Apart from the simplicity of application and use, it provides key compelling information points on philanthropy, such as:

  • Place: We all identify with a place, whether it is our place of birth, where we are living, working, or other. Affinity with place runs deep and it is a powerful connector. The map enables this.
  • Motivation and cause: We all have our passions of interest. For whatever reason, whether through our life experiences, or those of people close to us, we develop our own motivations of interest in issues close to our hearts. The map highlights causes, their location, and the support provided.
  • Interest and knowledge: We are curious by nature and open to learning. If we know and understand what is happening, it may prompt further action, it may be a key influencer.

Ultimately, the map will provide a striking illustration of the transformational impact of philanthropy in Ireland as well as identifying further opportunities for philanthropic investment.

Directly or indirectly, we are all beneficiaries of philanthropy. The map generated by SmartSimple goes some way to test this claim by providing a simple workable tool to shine a light on where our members’ philanthropy is active (the service) and for whom (the beneficiaries).


For us, it is a beginning. We plan to populate this further, using the SmartSimple Cloud tool to bring inspiring stories of philanthropy to all communities and stakeholders throughout Ireland. We are very grateful to SmartSimple for this opportunity, demonstrating their own philanthropy through the provision of such support.


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