Retail Project Update


  • Support experienced entrepreneurs from the retail sector, in need of changing their business models and practices
  • Support youth unemployed, for whom the retail sector is an entrance door into the labour market. They are in search of opportunities in the sector and have a strong sense of new customer values and behaviours.
  • Support VET stakeholders and other business support organisations and educational institutions, who will access the OER and will be multipliers of the methodology and contents developed.



  • Experienced retail entrepreneurs seeking to renew their skills and up-skilling to develop themselves further towards long term sustainable practices, integrating digital, social, environmental and economic factors.
  • Youth, especially low-skilled unemployed youths; providing them with new knowledge, skills and competencies in business management and business models. Opening up the retail sector as a career opportunity. This group has informal high-level digital competencies that might be used by the first group.




  • The production of the project's intellectual outputs is advancing as planned. All modules form the Intellectual Outputs 1, 2 and 3 (25 modules in total) are ready and have been translated into national languages: English, Spanish, Polish and Greek.
  • The partners are working now on the final design and implementation of all training resources and final output IO4: Online cooperative platform dedicated to the development of the training platform, hosting the different training packages and the social modules for the implementation of the training.




  • Online cooperative platform: This platform has been developed as part of the Retail project and is intended to provide target groups with educational materials useful in their current and future professional activity. All training modules we have been working on in recent months can be found on this platform and all these materials will encourage target groups to learn interactively, creating innovation within the retail sector.