Chamber Policy Council to Stay in Place for 2021

In the context of the challenges posed by Covid-19, the Board of Dublin Chamber has made the decision to extend the terms of the positions of the Honorary Officers (President, Vice-President, Deputy Vice-President, Treasurer and Imm. Past President) and the positions the Chamber's policy Council members.


This decision has been taken to allow Honorary Officers and Council members to get the greatest benefit possible in their positions, many of which have been denied because of Covid-19.


What this means in practice is that in 2021 Catherine Moroney will remain as President, Vincent Harrison will be Vice-President and Stephen O'Leary will be Deputy Vice-President. All Council member roles will roll over also, with all elected and co-opted positions receiving an extended period in office.


As a result of this decision, this means there will be no Deputy Vice President or Council elections held this year. However, the AGM in February 2021 will proceed as normal.

These decision have been made in an effort to ensure that Dublin Chamber is best-placed to help you and your company over the coming months.


If you'd like to know more about why this decision has been taken, please visit our website.