Avast Business - Why Layered Security is Stronger Security
Author: James Bevan, New Business Account Executive at Avast Business



This is probably the layer of security that many people are most familiar with. Antivirus is a form of endpoint protection that keeps your devices (such as laptops, desktops, phones, and servers) protected against malware, ransomware, unauthorized access, phishing, and data breaches. Having this line of defense is essential, especially now that many employees use multiple devices to get their work done on a daily basis.


When looking for an antivirus solution, it’s important to look for one that delivers comprehensive protection. A strong antivirus solution should be constantly adapting and evolving in order to stay ahead of emerging threats, meaning that it should definitely be protecting you against more than just the average virus. But having antivirus in place is only the beginning. It’s important to build upon it for maximum security.


Application security & software updates


Application security aims to increase the security of your apps by removing vulnerabilities and enhancing security features. Although most of this will be done at the development stage, updates and patches will be released after an app has been launched.


Common threats to applications include unauthorized access to sensitive information and modification. To ensure robust application security, consider using a patch management tool to regularly check for new patches and updates, and install them as soon as possible. Unpatched vulnerabilities present opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit, so keeping your applications and software updated should remain a priority.


Data security


Data security refers to the policies, processes, and technologies you have in place to prevent data from being modified, destroyed, or disclosed, whether accidentally or maliciously. Examples of data protection practices include using strong passwords to avoid unauthorized access, running regular system backups to aid recovery, and using encryption to prevent data from being easily read.


Backing up your data is a particularly important defense against ransomware. Unfortunately, 46% of SMBs have been targeted by ransomware, and 73% of those targeted SMBs paid the ransom.3 In the event that your business data is affected by ransomware, paying the ransom should never be your only option. Even if you do pay the ransom, that doesn’t guarantee complete restoration of stolen data. However, having a reliable backup solution allows you to restore and access critical information without the stress of losing valuable time and resources.


Optimising Computer Performance


Without regular maintenance, computers accumulate junk files and data over time, creating security vulnerabilities that harm system performance. With a solution like CCleaner, you can save time and money by enabling Windows computers to run faster, perform better, and last longer. According to Gartner, you can save 42% with a well-managed desktop compared to one that is not regularly cleaned and managed.


IT maintenance is one of those things that can become tedious, but it still plays a role in keeping your devices secure. Finding a solution that can help streamline tedious tasks by making them easier can help ensure that your business doesn’t fall behind on keeping company computers clean and efficient, while also allowing for more time to focus on other business priorities.


How Avast Business can help


Avast delivers easy-to-use, affordable, and award-winning cybersecurity solutions for small and growing businesses. We provide integrated security services to protect your devices, data, applications, and networks — all from one platform. Backed by 30 years of innovation, we have one of the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection networks.


With the Avast Business Hub, it’s easier than ever to manage multi-layered security from one easy-to-use platform. Experience how you can protect your business with a free 30-day trial.


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