Support Breast Cancer Ireland this Christmas

Consistent and intensive breast cancer research is vital in changing the landscape of the disease and Breast Cancer Ireland is appealing for additional funding to support their efforts this Christmas. Their beautifully designed Christmas Cards are now on sale. They come in packs of 6, feature three elegant designs and cost €15, including post and packaging.


In lieu of Christmas Cards, the charity also offer an online Donation Card. This card can be purchased in denominations of €20 to €100. The card is automatically sent to a nominated email address.  

  • €20 can pay for petri dishes in the charity’s research centres to analyse and culture variations of cancer cells
  • €50 can help fund one hour with one of the charity’s Outreach Coordinators, who meet with women in the workplace to deliver Breast Health Programmes nationwide
  • €75 can contribute towards investment in pioneering fellowship and scholarship programmes, allowing for newer, more effective therapies
  • €100 can support world class research which requires a long term approach


To purchase Breast Cancer Ireland’s Christmas Cards, click here and to purchase their Donation Card, click here.


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