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Welcome to the latest edition of Dublin Chamber Weekly. This week's issue has a special focus on the work of the Chamber's Enterprise Europe Network.


Plus, there are details of all our upcoming virtual events and lots of member company news.


We hope you enjoy it and please let us know if you would like some of your own company's news featured in Dublin Chamber Weekly.




We've got a whole host of great events coming up over the coming weeks including training workshops, online networking, and policy briefings. Simply click on the links below to find out more about each event and to book your place.



20th Jan: Networking Masterclass. Book here.


For a full listing of all our upcoming events please head over to our website here.


*Some of our events are only open to specific member categories.


France takes over Presidency of the European Council

On 1 January, France took up the Council Presidency held by Slovenia. The French Presidency centres around the concepts of recovery, strength and a sense of belonging. It will work for a more sovereign, digital, social and human Europe.  


Several European laws will be negotiated or adopted until 30 June when the 6-month term ends. One notable example is digital technology, with priority given to the economic regulation and accountability of digital platform work, and legislation on digital services and markets. Other examples include introducing carbon pricing at EU borders for imported products, establishing legislation on minimum wages and a continuous effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic.


Visit the website of the French EU Presidency for more.  

Retail Project thanks Sayers Studio

As part of the Retail Project, we worked with a number of retailers, from whom we gathered their input and invaluable feedback to create the Retail Project Learning Platform.


We would like to thank, Hannah Sayers from Sayers Studio


Hannah Sayers is a semi-abstract artist based in Co. Wicklow. She is a graduate of the National College of Art & Design. Hannah concentrates mainly on the flora and fauna of Ireland and gets a lot of her inspiration from her hometown on the Dingle peninsula in Co. Kerry.

Hannah works with a variety of mixed media. She loves playing and exploring different mediums on vibrant abstract backgrounds which she creates based on memories of landscapes at home. Hannah says what she loves about painting is the freedom she feels when she starts to apply colours and layers onto a blank canvas, getting sucked into a world of colour and creativity where time seems to standstill.


Sayers Studio is also available for private commission works. 

Sustainable Carbon Cycles Conference - January 31, 2022

Sustainable Carbon Cycles Conference is organised by the European Commission on 31 January 2022. The conference will bring together decision-makers and experts from different backgrounds to share their experiences in view of the upcoming EU regulatory initiative on the certification of carbon removals.


Join us on 31 January together with public authorities, industry representatives and civil society to exchange on the role and potential of carbon removals in the EU and feed into the discussion on the upcoming regulatory framework for their certification.


High-level speakers include:

  • Executive Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans,
  • Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski,
  • French Minister for Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili and
  • French Minister for Agriculture Julien Denormandie.

Furthermore, more technical topics will be discussed during four-panel sessions with the participation of experts and relevant stakeholders. 


Register now 

International Business Interns - Call for Irish host businesses

Dublin Chamber is pleased to announce that it is assisting international interns to find work placements in Ireland. Candidates are available for both short and long-term placements.  

  • Short - 2 weeks continuous placements running up to the end of June.
  • Long - 12 weeks continuous or split working day placement running March – June.

We are looking for host companies that would be interested in availing of the opportunity to host and mentor these enthusiastic individuals. 



The interns for the short duration study business administration and can support with tasks such as:   

  • Data entry and database management    
  • Reception duties, answering and forwarding calls    
  • General support    


The interns for the longer duration are experienced in a range of different specialities in various sectors including:

  • Multi-platform Application Development
  • Industrial Mechatronics
  • Development of Web Applications
  • Computer Network Systems Management
  • Travel Agencies and Events Management
  • Tourist Guide, Information and Assistance
  • International Trade
  • Sales Management and Commercial Spaces
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Mechanical Production Scheduling
  • Kitchen Management
  • Social Integration
  • Telecommunications and Computer Systems
  • Dental and Oral Hygiene.

For more information please email: maria@dublinchamber.ie and in the subject bar state if you are interested in a short or long intern candidate.  

Roberta Metsola elected new president of European Parliament

MEP Roberta Metsola was elected to succeed David Sassoli as the president of the European Parliament on Tuesday 18th January. Metsola, a member of the right-wing EPP group from Malta, was among four candidates for the position, alongside Spain's Sira Rego (radical left), Poland's Kosma Zlotowski (ECR, Eurosceptics) and Sweden's Alice Bah Kuhnke (Greens).


Metsola has been an MEP since 2013 and a vice-president of the Parliament since 2020. The conservative lawmaker recently gained visibility by taking over from Sassoli, who was absent from the Chamber for several weeks due to illness. Metsola will be the third woman to preside over the 705-member assembly, after France's Simone Veil (1979-1982) and Nicole Fontaine (1999-2002).

How does it work?

Interested startups and SMEs have three ways of applying and participating in REACH Incubator.


THEME-DRIVEN (Track 1): REACH consortium has in collaboration with the leading European Digital Innovation Hubs defined the cross-sectorial Data Value Chain (DVC) themes to be tackled by participants. DVC themes available in the second open call are Circular Economy; Manufacturing/Industry; Energy; Health; Digital Marketing, Agriculture & Retail; Tourism & Entertainment and Manufacturing/Industry, Healthcare & Insurance.


READY-MADE (Track 2): Applications will deal with challenges defined by the REACH Data Providers according to the needs detected in their market (JOT, Migros Ticaret A.Ş., Sonae, VRT, Play&go experience, Idea75, Almerys, YKT, Bizkaia, EDP, COFARES, AN GROUP and Bilbao Council).


FREE CHOICE (Track 3): Applicants will devise novel DVCs by bringing their own data provider/s and/or their own datasets with those already facilitated within the REACH Data Catalogue. The applicant, a single SME, will apply together with their own Data Provider/s (at least one) proposing a joint challenge to be solved.

Scalepreneurs - The Global Scale-Up Launch Event by District32

Scalepreneurs - The Global Scale-Up Launch Event will take place on the 10th February 2022 from 6am GMT. 


Scalepreneurs is a global scale-up event that aims to connect participants to other business owners and leaders. Over 5 hours, attendees can choose to attend any components from scaling sales presentations, entrepreneur think tanks, and breakout sessions with a like-minded community of entrepreneurs from all over the world. The Scale-Up Launch Event gives businesses a forum to learn, share, and ultimately empower participants to scale their business.


During this event, participants will have access to a global network of business mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs who are all there to help to grow your business.


Register now 

Have your say - open EU Consultations

EU citizens and businesses can share their views on new EU policies and existing laws through participating in EU consultations. Currently, there are a number of open public consultations being run by the EU, these consultations take participant input into account as the initiatives are further developed and fine-tuned. 


Reducing carbon emissions – review of emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles

Road transport is key to delivering the goals of the European Green Deal. This includes the targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The current EU rules on CO2 emission standards are vital for reducing emissions from new heavy-duty vehicles. As announced in the smart and sustainable mobility strategy, the Commission will review this legislation and will set more ambitious emission-reduction targets for such vehicles.

Consultation: here


Mortgage credit – review of EU rules

EU rules on mortgage credit apply to loans made to consumers for buying residential property that is used as collateral.

This review will assess how to:

  • ensure that consumers are provided with simplified, timely and relevant information
  • adapt the rules to the digital environment
  • foster cross-border provision of mortgage credit.

It may also explore how to strengthen consumer protection in case of economic disruptions such as COVID-19 and how to boost the uptake of energy-efficient mortgages.

Consultation: here


Corporate reporting – improving its quality and enforcement

This initiative aims to improve the quality of corporate reporting and its enforcement, by addressing shortcomings in the underlying ecosystem.

Improving the framework for corporate governance, external audit and supervision will increase investor protection and improve the depth and attractiveness of the Capital Markets Union (the single market for capital in the EU).

Consultation: here

Future of Europe: citizens’ panel proposals on climate change, environment & health

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Warsaw hosted some 200 Europeans on 7-9 January 2022, who came for the third and final session of the European citizens’ panel dedicated to climate change, environment and health. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, some panel members joined remotely.


Panelists discussed their recommendations in five areas:

  • Better ways of living
  • Protecting our environment and our health
  • Redirecting our economy
  • Redirecting overproduction and overconsumption
  • Caring for all

Participants voted on 64 recommendations: 51 were approved, while 13 did not reach the required 70% support threshold.

Read the full list of approved recommendations of this panel

  • Better ways of living

Panellists recommend providing EU subsidies for organic farming and support for vertical farming, where crops are grown in layers on top of each other. The EU should also set minimum standards for food quality in school canteens and food production should become part of public education.


Another recommendation is an EU directive on urban development to make cities greener. Panellists also want more support for cyclists and investment in new bike lanes.


  • Protecting our environment and health

Panel participants called for a unified labelling system explaining the entire ecological footprint of products purchased within the EU as well as labels stating the use of hormonal substances in food products.


They also want higher taxes on unhealthy foods to discourage consumption and a European-wide scoring system for healthy food.


Panellists recommended a drastic reduction of the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. To protect biodiversity, they want the extension of protected areas as well as rapid and massive reforestation. Panellists also want a gradual phasing out of intensive animal farming.


  • Redirecting our economy and consumption

Panellists recommend that the EU should encourage the longer use of products by lengthening their warranties and setting a maximum price on spare parts.


The EU should enforce stricter environmental manufacturing standards, which should also apply to imported goods and introduce measures to limit advertising for products that damage the environment.

  • Redirecting overproduction and overconsumption

Panellists want the EU to make CO2 filters mandatory, especially for coal plants. They want to tackle pollution by imposing fines on polluters and reducing the amount of imported goods that don’t meet the EU’s ecological footprint standards.


The EU should also support member states in improving the connectivity of rural areas while incentivising affordable public transport and promoting the purchase of electric vehicles and investing in developing other non-polluting technologies.

  • Caring for all

Panellists suggest a change in the EU treaties that would introduce a legal base for more EU action on health. Health treatments across the EU should be of equal quality and at a fair cost. Citizens suggest that a new European procurement agency could negotiate better prices for medicines for all member states.


Female sanitary products should stop being considered to be luxury goods and taxed at higher rates. To promote a better understanding of health, EU countries should include mental health and sexual education in their school curricula.


What’s next


Representatives of the panel will present and debate the recommendations at the next Conference Plenary on 21-22 January 2022 in Strasbourg. The plenary includes representatives of the EU institutions, national parliaments, civil society and citizens.

The final outcome of the Conference will be presented in a report to the presidents of the Parliament, the Council, and the European Commission, who have committed to following up on these recommendations.

The remaining European citizens’ panels will also adopt their recommendations in the near future.

Share your ideas for the future of Europe on the Conference platform

More News
Support CHI by Wearing a Christmas Jumper!

Children's Health Ireland is asking your company to sign up and get your colleagues to wear the worst, silliest, craziest Christmas jumper ever! All donations raised will help fund vital life-saving equipment and care for their little patients. If today doesn’t suit you, pick any other day to include as many people as possible – the more the merrier! Sign up here. 

ByrneWallace LLP has Appointed Seven New Partners

ByrneWallace LLP has appointed seven new partners thereby strengthening the firm’s leadership team. These senior appointments further enhance the depth and scope of legal expertise across key practice areas, including Banking and Finance, Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Health and Social Care, and Privacy and Data Protection. Read more here.

Call for Nominations

Do you care about the future of your city? Do you and your business want to have more of a say in how it is run? Join Dublin Chamber’s Policy Council to help fulfill our vision of making Dublin a place that is globally renowned for its quality of life and economic vibrancy.  As a member of the Dublin Chamber, you are eligible to run for election to Council. Nominations open January 10th, 2022.


Being a member of Dublin Chamber’s elected Council would provide you with an opportunity to make a real impact and we encourage you to consider running for 1 of the 10 positions we have open in our upcoming Council Elections. 

The elected Council plays a key role in influencing Government and approving the Chamber’s lobbying positions on behalf of your fellow members. The Council is also responsible for electing the Chamber President.

Nominations Open on 10th January 2022 and you can find out more here