Launch of ROCSOLID RETAIL Service

With both physical and cyber security at its core it will protect, you, your people, places and your customers, it will also drive efficiencies, and reduce risk and cost.


With ROCSOLID RETAIL your business can stay agile with cloud security, automated threat management and advanced network analytics.


The landscape has changed, you have tried the rest, it is time for ROCSOLID RETIAL. 


Commenting on this launch, Cormac Reid, ROCTEL’s Founder and CEO noted “ We are very excited to see this service come to market, they say necessity is the mother of invention and in this case that is true. Retailers have been grossly underserved in recent years with a mash-up of vendors and providers, almost expected to be experts in knowing the depth of the risks and threats that exist in today’s uncertain world. Having already experienced the benefit of our flagship service ROSOLID in the enterprise market, we set about developing a service specifically to address the unique and challenging business technological needs of Retailers.


ROCSOLID RETAIL delivers it all in one modular package that allows the retailer to consume complex technologies as a service with advanced data analytics to make their business more robust for the future. We are happy to say we have this service live in every county of Ireland, the feedback word that is noted is 'transformational'.

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