Update on Recent Chamber Submissions

* Water Prices for Business *

The jury is still out on Irish Water’s plans for commercial water charges. The CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) have told us that a decision will be published in "Q1 2019". Dublin Chamber has been fighting hard to prevent any price hikes for Dublin firms. The submission we made to the CRU can be read here.


* Pension Changes *

The Government is considering changes to the pensions system, including how they are treated from a tax point of view and the introduction of auto-enrolment. The Chamber is arguing for existing tax reliefs to be maintained and for the new system to be fair to business. Our submission on auto-enrolment can be read here and our view on tax reliefs is here.We're awaiting an update from the Department on next steps.


* Skills Visas *

Dublin Chamber is seeking to make it easier for the spouses and partners of skilled workers to get a full work permit to help make it easier for firms to get key staff to relocate to Ireland. The Chamber made a submission to the Department on this issue, which can be read here.


* Building Heights *

In late September, Dublin Chamber made a submission to the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government offering broad support to proposed draft Guidelines on Urban Development and Building Height. The implementation of these guidelines would support Dublin Chamber’s policy priority of increasing density and getting more people to live in the existing footprint of Dublin. The Department is due to publish final proposals soon. The full submission is here.


* Transport *

The National Transport Authority has confirmed to us that the publication of an updated MetroLink proposal has been delayed. We are now expecting to see a new draft in early 2019. The Chamber remains broadly supportive of the MetroLink plan. For more detail on that, see the full submission we made earlier this year. Also, the NTA has intimated to us that the next version of the BusConnects plan will be published 'next summer'. Our submission on BusConnects is here.


If any of these issues are impacting on your business, please contact us via policy@dublinchamber.ie.

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