Chamber Calls for Businesses to Facilitate Vaccinations

Mary Rose Burke, CEO of Dublin Chamber and qualified pharmacist commented: “What we are calling on businesses to do is to support their staff in attending their scheduled vaccine appointment. As the national rollout of the vaccine programme starts to call forward the majority of the working population for vaccination, it will begin to impact businesses in a way in which it hasn’t previously."


“We want employers to be clear and consistent with their staff from the start, that they can attend their allocated appointment, that they don’t have to reschedule. Rescheduling will cause unnecessary delays to the vaccine rollout.”


“Wherever possible, we are calling on businesses to be flexible and to allow their staff to attend their appointments. We know in some cases this might be inconvenient, but it’s important that businesses, that employers play their part in reducing vaccine hesitancy, removing a potential barrier and helping to ensure the success and efficiency of the national vaccine rollout.”


“Of course there is also a significant business benefit, as more and more people are vaccinated, more sectors of the economy can reopen, such as retail and hospitality, and we hope that a return to the office is in the not too distant future.”