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Imagine being told “you have cancer”. Every year almost 46,000 men and women across Ireland hear those words and start their own frightening, challenging and often lonely cancer journey.


And for the last 24 years the Marie Keating Foundation has been there at every step of that journey for thousands of people with cancer. After the death of their mother Marie, the Keating family wanted to ensure no one had to face cancer alone and they set up the Foundation to offer free support and care to men and women in towns, communities, schools, and businesses across Ireland. 


This Christmas, the Foundation needs to raise money for one of its most critical, but not necessarily known services.


Someone diagnosed with cancer will face additional and unexpected costs of up to €1,000 a month, all at a time when they are forced to reduce their working hours or stop work due to their cancer diagnosis. The additional financial burden covers incurred expenses such as travel to vital treatment and increased heating bills because of their chemo. This means that many people are forced to worry about paying bills instead of focussing on getting through their treatment and recovery.  This is simply wrong.


That is where the Marie Keating Foundation Comfort Fund could make a world of difference, to ease the burden of those who need it most. Theresa is a mother and at 51 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


“I gave up work the very day I found out I had cancer. When I woke up from my surgery, I should have been focussed on my recovery but all I could think about was money. How am I going to pay my bills? I felt a pressure to go back to work, but I just couldn’t – it was extremely stressful. Finances were very tight.

I was at my wits end, so I contacted my medical social worker, Stacey. She applied to the Marie Keating Foundation’s Comfort Fund on my behalf, and I got the grant. It was a godsend, a huge relief I was so grateful and always will be to the Marie Keating Foundation for their support at that time when I really needed it.”


Theresa is one of many people every month who have received financial support from the Comfort Fund over the past number of years.


“We would like to thank you for the financial assistance from the Foundation.  This comes as a great help during this difficulty time my family are going through.  Thank you for all the great work you do.” – John


With the current cost of living crisis, 2022 has been a really difficult year for many, but those with a cancer diagnosis face even greater struggles and a donation to the Marie Keating Foundation could make the world of difference to them.


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