Dublin Simon Outreach Support
Warm Weather Update
The recent changeable weather has posed an ongoing challenge for people who are rough sleeping and exposed to warm conditions on a daily basis. During winter time, cold weather is often at the forefront of people’s minds, however warmer weather can also prove difficult as humidity and heat related illnesses can cause further discomfort to people experiencing homelessness.
Thanks to generous donations, our Rough Sleeper Team have been distributing warm weather packs that include sun-cream, water and other items to ensure people are kept safe and hydrated. In addition to warm weather packs, any donation you can give during this busy time will ensure we can provide additional support through services like our Rough Sleeper Team and Soup Run. Simply click here to donate.
To find out more about how you and your colleagues can help please click here or contact the corporate partnerships team on corporate@dubsimon.ie or 01 672 8966. 
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