Have your say - open EU Consultations

EU citizens and businesses can share their views on new EU policies and existing laws through participating in EU consultations. Currently, there are a number of open public consultations being run by the EU, these consultations take participant input into account as the initiatives are further developed and fine-tuned. 


Reducing carbon emissions – review of emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles

Road transport is key to delivering the goals of the European Green Deal. This includes the targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The current EU rules on CO2 emission standards are vital for reducing emissions from new heavy-duty vehicles. As announced in the smart and sustainable mobility strategy, the Commission will review this legislation and will set more ambitious emission-reduction targets for such vehicles.

Consultation: here


Mortgage credit – review of EU rules

EU rules on mortgage credit apply to loans made to consumers for buying residential property that is used as collateral.

This review will assess how to:

  • ensure that consumers are provided with simplified, timely and relevant information
  • adapt the rules to the digital environment
  • foster cross-border provision of mortgage credit.

It may also explore how to strengthen consumer protection in case of economic disruptions such as COVID-19 and how to boost the uptake of energy-efficient mortgages.

Consultation: here


Corporate reporting – improving its quality and enforcement

This initiative aims to improve the quality of corporate reporting and its enforcement, by addressing shortcomings in the underlying ecosystem.

Improving the framework for corporate governance, external audit and supervision will increase investor protection and improve the depth and attractiveness of the Capital Markets Union (the single market for capital in the EU).

Consultation: here

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