Opportunities for Irish Businesses in Korea

Dublin Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with KOTRA London hosted a briefing and seminar on 29 November entitled Business Opportunities: Ireland and Korea. The exhibition included over 50 products from Korean companies looking to find partners across Europe (click here to view catalogue). Dr. Mary Hogan, Registrar with IMI Ireland offered valuable insights into the growing areas of opportunities which Irish companies are well-placed to address, including green energy, education, financial services and asset management. Dr. Hogan highlighted the fastest growing imports into Korea, such as vegetable products, explosive pyrotechnics, headgear, vehicles, fruit and nuts, trees and plants, knit and crochet clothing and footwear, while top imports include oil, electronics, machinery, medical equipment, plastics and iron and steel. If you're interested in finding a partner in Korea, email international@dublinchamber.ie and we can help you free of charge.

Chamber mission to Hong Kong 15-19 January

Dublin Chamber, in conjunction with the Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum, is organising a mission to Hong Kong 15th-19th of January 2017. The programme will include the Asian Financial Forum, a reception at the Consulate General of Ireland, a business seminars, bilateral meetings and site visits, as well as incorporating a day trip to the mainland (Macau). If interested, please email stephanie@dublinchamber.ie.

Briefing with Minister for Commerce of Hong Kong

The Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum at Dublin Chamber is hosting a briefing with Mr. Gregory So, Minister for Commerce and Economics of Hong Kong on 7 December at 15.00. If interested in attending, please click here to register and find out more.

Commission gives boost to start-ups in Europe
The European Commission this month adopted the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative, which aims to give Europe's many innovative entrepreneurs more opportunities to become world leading companies. It adds a new focus on venture capital investment, insolvency law and taxation.
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