Housing | MetroLink | Labour

  • While focused on the future, we ground our work in the challenges facing businesses in the here and now. Housing and infrastructure consistently rank as the biggest priorities for our members. That is why we have been campaigning for Government to invest ambitiously in public transport, fix Dublin’s water supply, and build residential capacity through higher urban density. Investment in infrastructure and housing is a key plank of our pre-budget submission.
  • The Government’s 10-year capital investment programme contains commitments to some of Dublin Chamber’s key priorities, such as MetroLink. However, there is a real risk that projects like this may be derailed due to an economic downturn or cost overruns in other projects. With this in mind, our submission focuses on practical measures to ensure that the funding is there when the Government needs it.
  • We have also highlighted the tightening labour market in Dublin. While a good news story in some ways, it poses immediate challenges to scaling businesses and a medium-term risk to competitiveness through wage inflation. For the second year running, we have highlighted the impact of childcare costs on female labour force participation, and suggested ways that this could be improved.
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