Business Ireland Q3 - Coming Soon!
‘Business Ireland’ - now Ireland’s largest circulation business magazine, continues to go from strength-to-strength in 2017.

Published quarterly by The Irish Times, the magazine’s agenda reflects that of Ireland’s vibrant and innovative SME community. Covering topics relevant to Irish businesses today, from international concerns relating · Booking

  • Booking Deadline: Tuesday 3rd October 2017
  • Advertising Copy Deadline: Friday 6th October 2017
  • Publication Date: Wednesday 18th October 2017

to Brexit, US tax reform, EU regulations and global economic shifts, to more local issues such as rising energy costs, personal and business taxation, skills shortages, and infrastructure deficits, our mission is to bring top-class coverage of the topics & issues which matter most to Ireland’s business community.

The Q3 issue of ‘Business Ireland’ magazine is due to be published on Wednesday 18th October 2017 and key content themes will include: workplace wellness; pensions; the business of sport; commercial property; and a special focus on the southern region of Ireland.

Inserted into The Irish Times newspaper and surfaced at, ‘Business Ireland’ circulation and readership reaches an unrivalled business audience, as follows:
  • Print Circulation: 62,423
  • Integrated Print / Digital Circulation: 77,657
  • Per issue Readership (Print or Website): 534,000
  • Per issue Readership (Print): 340,000

‘Business Ireland’ brings compelling and practical insights into current & emerging business and economic issues through a lively combination of expert opinion and feature articles written by our team of highly rated business journalists and we want you to be a part of it!

To avail of the special member advertising rates which are currently on offer and to find out about the tailored media partnership opportunities ‘Business Ireland’ can deliver for your organisation and which are now exclusively available to Dublin Chamber members, please contact The Irish Times Special Reports Team on 01 893 0000 or email today.

Please note, key ‘Business Ireland’ October Issue project deadlines are, as follows:

*** See the recent July / Q2 issue of ‘Business Ireland’ at: ***
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